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Copywriting, Content Editing, Tagline Development: Millstream Home

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"What would happen if we’d design products that our local craftsmen could manufacture?  Beautiful things we could use and pass down, and begin the journey of an item on a shelf to an item cherished, an heirloom in the making."

Comprehensive Website and Marketing Collateral Content Creation: Elizabethtown Area Chamber of Commerce

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"The reason the Chamber of Commerce exists is because of our members. Our job is to help you strengthen your business and see your dreams turn into reality."

Comprehensive Website Content Creation: Dauphin County Bar Foundation

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"Access to justice in our world is difficult for so many. There is crushing demand for Family Law services for low-income families living below the poverty level. Without legal support for critical custody issues, families are torn apart, children are devastated and our entire community is weakened. That’s why the Dauphin County Bar Foundation’s “We Care About Children Campaign” is so vital." 

Consumer Article: Considerations When Buying Outdoor Storage

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"Your car hasn’t seen the inside of the garage in 6 years. You’re constantly ordering gardening trowels from Amazon because the ones stored in the plastic bin outside keep rusting in the rain. You’ve tripped over bikes in the yard for the last time. Enough is enough. “Operation Outdoor Storage” is underway." 

Comprehensive Website Content Creation: Prizm Medical 

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"We make it our business to reduce your pain and to increase your quality of life. Prizm Medical, Inc., is the premier developer and manufacturer of electrotherapy devices and Intelligent Textiles for Medicine."

Comprehensive Website Content Editing and Creation: Bigley & Blikle Law Firm

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"In a business dominated by large, multi-discipline mega-firms, the B&B Team takes a different approach. We believe smaller is better. Our Harrisburg-based firm is small by choice so each client can receive the knowledge and experience of the firm’s principals."

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Comprehensive Website Content Creation and Strategy: Capping Partners of America

"We are here to help during this challenging time in your life. Our capping technicians are well-trained and dedicated to delivering the results you expect. And our training module tells you exactly what to expect and how to prepare for day one."

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