Chamber of Commerce Annual Celebration Keynote: Elizabethtown Shines


"We all have a story to tell, and it starts really from the day we’re born. And from that day until this day, each and every one of us has had a little help along the way. We quite literally couldn’t survive without the people around us.


Beyond the bonds of family and close friends are those some call work family, people we spend our professional lives with. And that’s what ties us here in this room together - a mutual desire to succeed in business, but not just to do it alone. We seek to partner up, to share referrals, suggestions, strategies, customers. This is not a group of business competitors, rather a gathering of business compatriots." 



Chamber of Commerce Annual Celebration Keynote: Elizabethtown Rising

"There is a lot we can say about the way Elizabethtown is rising. We can talk about the job growth, the economic development, the new businesses, the infrastructure enhancements. We can talk about the amazing schools - from our blue ribbon award-winning elementary school, to our high school run by an administration that truly cares about their students, to Elizabethtown College widely known for excellence and ingenuity. We can talk about how Elizabethtown is a great place to live at any age, with nationally renowned Masonic Village providing a beautiful place to retire. 


For something to grow, it has to be planted. For something to rise, it has to be cultivated and cared for. What we’re seeing happen in this area is a direct result of the work done by the businesses, thought leaders and community groups represented in this room tonight."